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Compact Magni TH U 5.8 Telehandler Designed for Underground Mining

Magni Telescopic Handlers will debut a mining-specific telehandler at MineExpo 2021. The new low-profile telehandler, the TH U 5.8, is a fixed telescopic handler with features specifically designed for underground mining environments.

The TH U 5.8 can safely lift to a height of 26 feet and boasts a lifting capacity of up to 11,000 pounds in a compact 17- by 8-foot frame. The compact frame is built for work in tight situations.

Powered by a Deutz engine, the hydrostatic transmission enables precise movements and maneuverability. For safety, the TH U 5.8 has a braking system designed for use on the steep slopes found in many mines. A 50-ppm catalytic converter filters exhaust from the machine, making the air safer for crews around the telehandler when working in enclosed spaces.

Standard safety features for the TH U 5.8 include a pressurized Magni cab with air filtration, FOPS and ROPS protection, and an extra safety cage that protects the cab from falling objects. Additionally, each Magni TH U 5.8 comes equipped with a load-limiting system that prevents operators from lifting unsafe loads. Emergency stop buttons inside and outside the cab provide additional safety.

The TH U 5.8 is compatible with a wide range of attachments including work platforms, jibs, winches and forks. It is equipped with an RFID system, which enables automatic recognition of attachments and the creation of digital load charts specific to each attachment.

The MineExpo, the world’s largest mining event, will be held September 13-15 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Click here for registration.

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